Biber Summercamp

Please find below all the necessary information that we have as of now for the Biber Summercamp in Senningerberg.

Date: July 18 (Tuesday morning) until July 22 (Saturday afternoon).

The Biber and leaders will sleep in tents provided by the federation.

We will probably use public transport to get to the camp. More information will follow in due time.

The price includes all fees (sleeping, food, activities, badge, etc.)

  • 140€ per child
  • 110€ per leader

Please make a single transfer to our banking account by end of May. Preferably as soon as possible.

LGS Robert Schuman Kiem
BCEELULL LU89 0019 1100 2745 6000

Packing list

A general packing list can be found here.

The following items are absolutely necessary:

  • Gamelle & camping cutlery (available for example in A.S. Adventure or Freelander’s)
  • White T-Shirt without any prints (needed for an activity)
  • Scout scarf
  • Small backpack with swim gear
  • 1 Kitchen towel (marked with the full name of the child)
  • Small torch light
  • Sleeping bag for outdoor conditions (beware, it can be cold during summer nights)
  • No carry mat needed. They will sleep on camp beds.

Everything has to fit into one big backpack / sport bag. No suitcase.