Fakelzuch 2023

Every year, the college of the mayor and aldermen of the city of Luxembourg invites local associations to participate in the torchlight procession (“Fakelzuch”) on Thursday, June 22, on the eve of the National Holiday, to celebrate the Grand Duke’s birthday.

Out group participates as well.

Paper lantern & torches

It has been decided that our Biber will get a paper lantern and our Wëllefcher a torch. Please tell your kids in advance.

The scout uniform

As this is an official event, we will wear the full scout uniform (green scout shirt, scout scarf and blue jeans (or similar))

However, our Biber (6-7 years) do not need to buy a uniform as they grow out rather quickly. They can buy a scout branded t-shirt instead at the scout shop.

The address of the scout shop (Maison Lessure) is:

1, rue Origer 
L-2269 Luxembourg

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday from 10h to 18h


18h15Scouts dropped off by their parents at the Luxexpo Tram stop.
+/- 18h30Ride with the tram + walk to Scouts of Limpertsberg
(85, avenue Pasteur L-2311 Luxembourg)
19hBarbecue at Scouts of Limpertsberg & walk to the city center
+/- 21h20Start of the “Fakelzuch”
+/- 22h30End of the “Fakelzuch”
Scouts picked up by their parents